Jingle & Mingle

My sister and I have been hosting Christmas parties for our friends for many years; as of recently we haven’t hosted due to conflicting schedules, and other obligations. This year I decided to host, and anyone who can make it will come to get their Jingle & Mingle on. 🎄🥂🤶🏼 We kicked off December with a small group of high school friends. Our Mingle began early in the evening, and was to wrap up about 7:00 pm. Yes, I was adulting and made an Evite complete with beginning and ending times. Years ago, our Christmas parties didn’t start until 7:00 pm and lasted to the wee hours of the next morning. It was much larger group during those years too! So many good memories! ❤️ This year the menu consisted of appetizers, drinks and a few sweets. Here are a few pictures of the party. I served cheese, salami & crackers. Olives, nuts, bread & dipping oil. Hummus and veggies and an eggplant spread. For sweets I made persimmon cookies, and bought Chocolate truffles and Santa’s. There was hard seltzer, wine, and flavored waters. Everyone loved the food, drinks & company. ❤️ I will post the recipes I used below.

Do you host any Holiday parties? What are some of your favorite foods or drinks to celebrate with?

Ina Garten Recipes, thank you Ina!



Persimmon Cookie Recipe


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