The Peanut Butter Falcon – My Review

I first heard about The Peanut Butter Falcon from Reza, who told Elle and I to watch the trailer. Elle and I sat on the couch and watched with big eyes. Reza heard about this movie from his sister, who lives down in Los Angeles. The trailer was cute, and gave me all the good feels. I typed Fandango into Safari and found it was playing limited release in Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I suggested we drive to Los Angeles to see the movie, Elle thought this was a ridiculous idea as she is not a fan of road trips (car sickness.) If you have kids, leaning towards the ‘tween ages you know what I am talking about. I added to the plan that we could go have dinner, visit Tante Yasi, and maybe make a trip to the Ice Cream Museum…do you see what I did there? I couldn’t sell Elle on the idea of a weekend trip to see a movie and a visit to Tante Yasi. I give up, hands in the air and waving the white flag. Anyways, I didn’t give up on seeing this movie, I kept checking Fandango and was noticing it was being released in more cities as the weeks went by. Finally, on Reza’s birthday last Friday, I saw that it had opened here in Fresno! We went to see this cute, inspiring, funny and sweet movie the next day. It’s a story about following your dreams, and friendship; it’s really good and I highly suggest everyone see this movie. They should make more movies like this. I give this movie 5 stars!!!

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