Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Good Morning friends! It’s almost 6:00 am and the sun is barely waking up here in Fresno. I am sipping my coffee, looking through my camera roll from this past weekend. I want to share my weekend with all of you beautiful people. My boyfriend, Reza, had a birthday on Friday. We started his birthday week last Sunday, with his family birthday party at his parents house. It’s easier for everyone to get together during the weekend, so we usually celebrate on a weekend either before or after the actual day. I had asked Reza earlier in the week if he would like to invite anyone else to his birthday dinner, but he was undecided as he often is about his own birthday. I sat down Thursday morning and decided on a menu, a Persian feast to celebrate his 44th birthday. We had a feast of Joojeh and Barg Kabab, basmati rice, Shirazi salad, and grilled veggies. Reza decided to invite his parents over for dinner, after seeing the 3 pounds of kabab marinating in the refrigerator. I was planning for leftovers…I like to take a day off in between cooking days, but was happy he decided to include his parents in our dinner. Reza’s mom helped me make the rice, and the Tahdig came out perfectly. She is a really good cook, I mean really good! Reza’s daughter wanted to make the cake. She and I had decided earlier in the week we would make an ice cream sandwich cake after school on Friday. She was super excited to do this, and also happy to enjoy the last ice cream sandwich which was not needed for our cake. 🙂 We roughly followed an ice cream sandwich cake recipe…we layered ice cream sandwiches, cookie and cream ice cream, and topped with whipped topping and milk chocolate gems. It was a crowd pleaser, and super easy for kids to make. If you haven’t had a taste of delicious Persian cuisine, I would recommend trying it. Check out a local restaurant or try making a recipe yourself. There are many great Persian food blogs out there, I have tried several myself. I included some links to the recipes I used for our celebration. I hope everyone had a great weekend! 🙂

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